Air Cushion for Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Systems

Published: 12th May 2011
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Gooseneck trailer HITCHES are a very popular add-on feature to any truck, especially when

hauling any type of livestock. Many people prefer a gooseneck trailer because they are much

more maneuverable, thus allowing the truck to negotiate sharper turns compared to bumper-

towed trailers. The gooseneck hitch is found under the truck's bed, over the rear axle. How-

ever the downside of this system is that the gooseneck trailer as well as any animals aboard

experience fatigue due to the up and down motions on rough roads. This can be minimized

or prevented through the application of the Cody Air Cushion.

Also known as an air ride, the Cody Air Cushion hitch is a shock absorber mechanism that reduces the pounding effect on not only the trailer, but the tow truck, the driver, and the hitching equipment. This system docks itself where the gooseneck ball fits by means of a mounting stub. The gooseneck ball MUST be removable, thereby allowing the Cushion stub to take it's place in the recepticle portion of the hitch. Among the different hitchesn that stubs are available for are: Cody, B&W, Hidden Hitch, Pop Up Flip, Reese Hide-A-Ball, Valley Stow-a-Ball, Gooseneck Brand, Draw-Tite-Hide-a-Goose, Drop-N-Lock,

Curt 2 Hole, and the Reece Rail Kit.

This mechanism sees to it that the gooseneck does not lie directly on the towing truck's bed.

The ball is welded on one frame and is conjoined to the main frame of the hitch which lies

under the bed and is securely attached to the frame of the towing vehicle. The whole structure

looks like a clapper system, but one in which the clappers are separated by a heavy duty

air cushion, which is the shock absorber. This system clearly isolates the truck and trailer

from most of the road vibrations & jolts. The air in the cushion allows for a variety of

motions thus absorbing different impacts. This simply means that the trailer is to a smoother

ride despite a road's non-uniform surface.

Any driver that has experienced towing a gooseneck trailer will be aware of the constant

precautions you need to take, especially while on rough roads to protect whatever is being

hauled in the trailer. This awareness certainly affects personal comfort and concentration

while driving, but the CODY AIR CUSHION will improve this situation and also the

longevity of the truck and trailer.

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